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We are a trans, woman, and latine owned consultancy firm


Progress Happen

Better World Collaborative is a community minded consultancy rooted in social justice and the creative arts. We leverage our experience working with nonprofits, arts organizations, and the public sector to build leading-edge equity frameworks that support growth, improve communications, and foster community.


To inspire every person’s inner advocate for positive change

Equity and inclusion work can be difficult, but it does not have to be dull. BWC finds joy in building a better world and believes that, although change can be challenging, it ultimately inspires growth.

As creative artists, we bring an approach to our work that will leave you smiling. We also understand that your time is valuable and that teams deserve meaningful trainings, presented with enthusiasm, to inspire change! 

No two organizations are the same, so neither are the solutions we offer. We custom tailor each collaboration to fit the specific needs of your organization, the culture of your staff, and your vision for organizational growth. We are artists, and constructing creative and customized solutions gives us the energy to continue building a better world.  

Dedicated to Making

a Difference

In 2014, Crispin and Rebecca crossed paths in the fight for transgender equality. With a shared commitment to civil rights and transgender advocacy, the two joined forces to co-direct the 2015 Trans 100. The two led the largest and publicly renowned celebration of Transgender leadership. With the support of its creator, renowned actor, producer and activist Jen Richards [seen in Disclosure; Mrs. Fletcher; and Clarice], they reimagined the live broadcast event. The two produced and directed the 2015 Trans 100, featuring Laura Jane Grace, Lana Wachowski, and others. 


Still today, the Trans 100 is the only event of its kind: a celebration of openly trans advocates across the country. Affirming and energizing, it moves the focus off of remembrance and instead places a spotlight on stories of joy and resilience. 


Since then, Rebecca and Crispin have been a part of many efforts to fight for LGBTQ equity and racial justice. They have developed hundreds of training programs; co-founded the Chicago Trans Beach Party (a celebration of transgender and diverse bodies at the otherwise LGBQ and cis-centric Hollywood Beach); and have spoken on countless panels together across the country (on topics like LGBTQ law and policy; trans-affirming youth strategies; advocacy for the creative arts; and equitable media and storytelling). 

Equity and inclusion through creativity and artistic expression.

Defenders of equity and diversity

Crispin Torres

Rebecca Kling

Featured Partners and Collaborators

From one-time consultations to lasting partnerships, our team has worked with a wide variety of businesses, nonprofits, and creative organizations. Here are some recent collabs.


Collaborate More, Work Better, Lead Authentically

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Hello from BWC's spring intern!

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