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2023 LGBTQ+ MBA Conference


Chicago, IL


LGBTQ+ Social Justice


Conference Presentation, Social Justice Workshop, Training Future Leaders

• Custom speaker remarks and memeber engagement

• Workshop presented to business students, memebrs, and alumni

• Served as an ongoing resource to members and participants

The 2023 ROMBA Conference--the "world's largest gathering of LGBTQ+ business students and alumni-- BWC partnered with ROMBA to participate in a series of annual gatherings for LGBTQ+ MBA professionals and social justice advocacy.

BWC provided keynote remarks on The LGBTQI+ policy landscape and engaging with emerging social change movements as young business professionals. These interactive programs explored current issues facing the LGBTQ+ community today, with a focus on individual leadership and activism. Participants were asked, "as emerging business leaders, how can we create connections between social impact work and companies?"

Participants learned about various LGBTQ+ social justice issues faced by business leaders, employees, and companies, and practiced dialoguing nuanced issues such as trans youth in sports and cancel culture.

Let’s build a more equal and inclusive world, together

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