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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consulting

Equipping staff and community with the tools to create positive change.

Our decades of teaching and facilitation experience ensure that our DEI offerings are useful and relevant.

Better World Collaborative DEI workshops and trainings are informed by real scenarios, lived experience, and are infused with humor, interactivity, and concrete takeaways. We skip bland memorization and focus on how you can take concrete actions in support of equality. From small group sessions to working with your entire organization, we offer Diversity, Equity and Inclusion workshops on a range of topics including: LGBTQI+ experience and inclusion, transgender experience and inclusion, racial equity, unconscious bias, and more.

Our Capabilities

Strategic Planning

Set goals and build blueprints for the future of a project, team, or organization.

Real-World Scenarios

Facilitated conversations about real-world issues including microaggressions, interacting with the general public, and how to respond to workplace or community conflicts.

Social Equity Analysis

An informed outside perspective on planned or existing work.

Private Sector

Corporate workshops that connect the dots between your bottom line and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Public Sector

Our nonprofit-focused workshops and trainings cut to the chase, linking the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion to your mission and the communities you serve.

Creative Industry

Real-world expertise in the creative arts, supporting equity solutions for your theatre, venue, studio, or creative organization.

Rebecca Kling was OUTSTANDING and gave the best presentation of the day. I learned so much from her and appreciate her openness, candor, and willingness to help educate us.


Boston Scientific

Trans Inclusion Training

Beam Suntory

Workshop, Trans Allyship, Trans 101

2023 LGBTQ+ MBA Conference


Conference Presentation, Social Justice Workshop, Training Future Leaders

Trans Equity Partnership

Estée Lauder Companies

Workshop, Trans 101, Trans Allyship, Human Resources, Levity and Fun

Relevant Work

Let’s build a more equal and inclusive world, together

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