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Trans Lives and Families




Technology and Science


Speaker Series and Panel, Trans 101, Trans Allyship, Human Resources, Levity and Fun

  • Custom speaker remarks, focused on personal storytelling

  • Panel co-hosted with parents of transgender youth (at Olympus)

  • Provided detailed written answers to almost a dozen anonymous questions from participants

Olympus Global is the world’s leading manufacturer of solutions for medicine, life sciences, and industrial equipment technologies. As a massive company with over 100 years of work under its belt and 100 group companies underneath its umbrella, Olympus aimed to bring global transgender experiences into their existing diversity, equity and inclusion work. Olympus employs a global workforce located in almost 40 countries and with almost 6,000 employees based in the Americas.

In an effort to expand the strides made by their LGBTQ employee resource group, Olympus hosted a transgender panel and resource Q&A. Open to participants across global channels, we provided personalized trans storytelling and quick fire answers to a litany of questions on trans experience and allyship. Hosted in partnership with internal ERG members--parents of trans youth--we provided a safer space for employees to share their stories, while answering challenging questions about gender diversity, legal advancements, and workplace allyship.

Let’s build a more equal and inclusive world, together

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