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Confronting White Privilege

Intonation Music

Intonation Music works with Chicago based young people helping them grow skills in music performance, education, and personal growth. As a leading force in music education and youth development across the racially diverse City of Chicago, we worked with Intonation to develop unique interactive training on understanding and dismantling white privilege.

Hoping to inspire dialogue and organizational growth, we provided mandatory staff training for all music instructors, educators, and support staff to ensure awareness of affirming youth interactions and to create safer space. By request, we created individualized training for BIPOC staff and white staff alike; a larger group training for enhanced team development; and built in personalized resources for the urban music educator. With our background in public education and youth development, we drew from our own experiences and challenges in this unique capacity building project.




Music Education


Interactive Team Workshop, Racial Justice, White Privilege, Music Performance

• Custom interactive workshop based on existing IM resources
• Custom PDF handouts covering key definitions, ideas, and example workplace scenarios
• Provided contact info for follow-up questions and conversations

Let’s build a more equal and inclusive world, together

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