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Estée Lauder Companies

Trans Equity Partnership




Beauty and Fashion


Workshop, Trans 101, Trans Allyship, Human Resources, Levity and Fun

  • Custom workshop based on existing ELC resources

  • Custom PDF handout covering key definitions, ideas, and example workplace scenarios

  • Provided contact info for follow-up questions and conversations

As the global leader in prestige beauty, The Estée Lauder Companies employ tens of thousands of employees and represents over two dozen prestige beauty brands sold in over one hundred fifty countries and territories around the world.

With a desire to support transgender staff, clients, and customers, ELC worked with us on multiple events, workshops, and trainings, including brand-specific trainings with TOM FORD BEAUTY and Origins, topic-specific workshops with human resources, lighthearted drop-ins at brand happy hours, and more.

Let’s build a more equal and inclusive world, together

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