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Trans Equity and Inclusion for nightlife and Music industry

Beauty Bar

Beauty Bar is the world's only beauty saloon and one of the nation's premier nightlife groups with venues and staff all across the country. As a leader of cultural curation, Beauty Bar venues host prominent touring musicians, globally renowned DJs and offers one-of-a-kind entertainment events.

With the goal of increasing their support for gender expansive people within their venues and programming we provided a custom transgender equity training for nightlife professionals; extended Q&A dialogue for managers; and specialized resources on public accommodations. Each portion of this project was tailor made for the unique inclusion challenges faced within the entertainment industry. As touring artists ourselves, we used our own experiences as LGBTQ creatives navigating the world of live entertainment to the project.




Live Music and Nightlife


Workshop, Trans Allyship, Trans 101, Live Entertainment

• Custom staff training without preexisting resources
• Custom PDF handout covering key definitions, ideas, and example workplace scenarios
• Provided contact info for follow-up questions and conversations

Let’s build a more equal and inclusive world, together

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